“When I knew you guys were the real thing I didn’t want to miss it.  I just want you to know how much more empowered I feel as a parent.  Your work is making an amazing difference in kids’ lives.  I wish you the best.”
Linda, Parent
West Milford, NJ

“I have never attended Internet Safety workshops as relevant and comprehensive as these.  They were well-designed and crafted to respond to the different awareness needs of educators, students, and parents.  I feel more confident and knowledgeable in ensuring the safety of the students in my care.”
Ana, Principal
West New York, NJ

“You were an answer to prayers for both my husband and myself.  We are so thankful for the work and commitment of your company to keep our children safe.”
Cynthia, Parent
Hawthorne, NJ

“I am very impressed and grateful as a Board of Education member and as a parent that you took the challenge to educate parents.  God bless you for all of the incredible work that you do.  You make a difference – not many people do.”
Elaine, Board of Education member
Bergen County, NJ

“This was a wonderful and extremely informative presentation.  Also, my son learned a lot during the student presentation and was eager to share the information with the rest of the family.  Thank you for caring for the welfare of our children.”
Miriam, Teacher
North Bergen, NJ

“I’m so glad that I came to this workshop.  I commend your speakers on a job very well done.  They were knowledgeable, extremely informative and they kept everyone’s attention and interest.  Your presentation should be a part of every school curriculum!”
Terry, Registered Nurse
North Bergen, NJ

“You did an amazing job introducing parents to the dangers of the Internet and providing them with useful strategies to help keep their children safe.  The long line of parents waiting to speak with you at the end of the presentation was the best testament of how credible your presentation was.  Every parent (and child for that matter) should see this presentation.”
Mike, Assistant Principal
Glen Ridge, NJ

“I want to thank you for being the kind of people who know what truly matters in this world.  It is obvious that you are actually doing something to make this a more educated and safer place for our children to grow up.”
Elaine, Parent
River Vale, NJ

References available upon request.