The Vested Security Solutions, LLC Network of Presenters

Vested Security keynote speakers present a variety of captivating programs and educational awareness lectures for a whole host of audiences, such as individuals, community groups, school systems, municipal alliances, government entities, private businesses and corporations.  These talented professionals possess a level of accomplishment and success that is emblematic of exciting and dedicated careers related to specific areas of public safety...they truly are experts of the subject matter that they teach. 

The consultants who fashion the vast network of subject matter experts and the proficient security specialists of Vested Security Solutions, LLC, have a collective background that rivals the credentials of any public safety organization in the United States.  From highly recognized achievements and citations to top postings as government advisors, the staff of Vested Security is proud to boast their accomplishments and outreach in both the public and private sectors.  Below is a detailed summary of the distinctive qualifications and credentials that are part and parcel of a Vested Security Solutions presentation…


Our People

The Awareness Lectures from Vested Security are always presented by interesting and dynamic speakers who are recognized by many for their participation in a particular area of national concern.  Among them, Vested Security Solutions, LLC is earnestly proud to have consultants who were appointed to prestigious current or former postings such as: the New Jersey Attorney General's Infrastructure Advisory Task Force—School's Sector; the New Jersey Governor’s Gang Land Security Task Force; the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence; and Sub-Committee of the New Jersey Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.  

Consultants from Vested Security have been continuously called upon to instruct in the government sector and in a variety of roles, including: a nationally certified School Resource Officer Instructor; a FEMA Disaster Registry Specialist; a revered Computer Forensics and Internet Investigations Instructor and Advisor in one of New Jersey’s largest counties; and several Police Training Commission certified Police Instructors. Moreover, Vested’s speakers have also been published in an array of periodicals and textbooks throughout their careers.  Finally, our staffers have appeared on both local and nationally syndicated news media.      

With backgrounds primarily in law enforcement, the subject matter experts of Vested Security consult on issues that they have tackled aggressively in the public sector.  Every representative of Vested Security Solutions, LLC maintains current memberships in national or state organizations and fraternities like: the High Technology Crime Investigatoion Association; the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists ; the National Association of School Resource Officers; the American Society for Industrial Security; the East Coast Gang Investigators’ Association; the New Jersey State Juvenile Officers’ Association; the New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers’ Association; and the North Jersey Regional Crime Prevention Officers’ Association.  The consultants of Vested Security have made contacts throughout the country, attended national conferences, and gladly participated in international policing conventions.  Additionally and most notably, many of Vested Security’s staff members serve, or have served, as executive officers of many different public safety societies, such as the National Association of Bunco Investigators, New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers, the New Jersey D.A.R.E. Officers’ Association, and the North East High Technology Crime Investigation Association

Vested’s large consortium of consultants have undergone scrutinized training throughout their professional careers in public safety, ranging from S.W.A.T. operators to skilled criminal investigators.  Their direct field experience, coupled with intense schooling, translates into a list of impressive credentials.  In particular, our staffers have attended specialized courses provided by the National White Collar Crime Center; the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; the Department of Homeland Security; the Federal Bureau of Investigations; the United States Secret Service; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; the Drug Enforcement Administration; the New Jersey State Police; the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice; and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area coalition.

Vested Security is proud to provide clients with consultants who tote qualifications that include honors undergraduate and honors graduate studies in a variety of specialized fields from institutions such as John Jay College, the premiere criminal justice school in the country. Vested consultants, who have attained Masters’ degrees with specializations like Computer Forensics, as well as Protection Management and Infrastructure Security, are serious individuals who proffer valuable, relevant information on a given topic.  And, with educational awareness lectures at the heart of Vested Security’s business initiative, most of our speakers have completed the nationally recognized Methods of Instruction certification, ensuring a thoughtful, active, and powerful seminar every time.  Moreover, all of our subject matter experts provide presentations that always include vivid PowerPoint programs, audio-visual support, or other exciting training aids.