Elder Crimes and Distraction Scams for Law Enforcement

This dramatic awareness lecture from Vested Security Solutions is intended to arm attendees with the requisite knowledge to potentially eliminate the ubiquitous exploitation of the elderly, and those in our communities who lack the circumspection to realize a scam is afoot. This program is geared for the Law Enforcement community, complete with an intense look into the criminal profile of these offenders, investigative strategies, community policing adapters, and interview approaches.

With education at the heart of our mission, Vested Security lecturers have been proud to present these awareness lectures to many civic groups and religious organizations, thereby exposing the possible scams that could affect victims from within that community.  Furthermore, Vested lecturers have gladly presented this series to corporations and retail business that can often fall prey to clever scam artists.  Lastly, of course, Vested’s experts have provided this presentation to many law enforcement officials, and hope to continually proffer this lecture series to police agencies across the country. 

This Elder Crime seminar will expose a broad range of crimes typically committed against the elderly. This dynamic and informative presentation will feature a PowerPoint show, depicting various con games and scams, which target the senior citizen population.  Among them, this lecture will emphasize “Diversion and Confidence Burglaries,” as well as “The Sweetheart Swindle,” two of the more pervasive elder crimes that plague seniors in communities across the country.  The “Elder Crime” presentation will also accentuate the under-reporting of scams and cons by elder victims, thereby misrepresenting the scope of the problem. 

In the Law Enforcement presentation, lecturers will exercise a format that reinforces the most effective tools and tactics that can impact the detection, deterrence, investigation and prosecution of elder crimes; presenters also underscore the impediments to prosecution that law enforcement investigators and prosecuting attorneys may face in many of these cases.  

The Distraction Scams seminar is closely intertwined with the Elder Crimes block.  This half of the lecture will focus on those distraction scams often committed by members of a sect commonly known as the "Criminal Gypsy Community".  This program—also delivered in a vivid PowerPoint show—will cover both commercial and residential diversion scams.  Most particularly, this dramatic awareness lecture will discuss the current, active transient criminal groups that are operating nationwide, targeting businesses, homes, and churches.  In addition, Vested Security’s presenters—who have gained first-hand knowledge during past investigations—will highlight the typical methods that are employed by these groups to successfully locate, stalk and select victims, as well as the common methodologies utilized to execute a successful distraction crime against a prospective victim. 

For the Law Enforcement program, the attendees will digest ways to locate and use criminal informants from within the gypsy community, as well as ways to use the local media to disseminate warnings or bulletins to citizens.  Once again, lecturers will exercise a format that reinforces the most effective tools and tactics that can impact the detection, deterrence, investigation and prosecution of distraction scams.

The Elder Crimes and Distraction Scams series is imperative for any investigator—government or civil—who is involved in the apprehension of scam artists.  This presentation can prove to be thoroughly valuable, heightening the awareness of police patrol officers, community policing personnel, and detectives whose functions in the field directly relate to the deterrence or detection of criminals in this subculture. 

Vested Security Solutions, LLC is proud to deliver this awareness lecture and vivid presentation at your venue.  Every seminar, program, and lecture provided by Vested Security can be custom tailored to impact your target audience in a meaningful and specific way.  As such, each program has a different fee structure, which fluctuates due to variables and host-specific configurations.  Nonetheless, Vested Security Solutions keeps professional fees reasonable, without sacrificing the quality or excellence of our service and presentation.  Finally, some funding sources may be available in New Jersey for school systems and government institutions. 

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