Vested Security Solutions, LLC presents:

Protecting Children Online: Internet Safety for Educators

The goal of this presentation is to enlighten educators, and discuss the responsibilities of faculty, staff, and school systems as they are increasingly faced with the complicated supervision of a technologically advanced student body. 

Vested Security Solutions, a recognized Professional Develpment Provider approved and certified by the New Jersey Department of Education, has been honored to present this lecture to school systems as part of their ongoing in-service workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators.  While earning Professional Development hours for this Awareness Lecture, educators can enhance their Internet IQ! 

This program is likely one of the most informative and relevant seminars for classroom teachers and guidance counselors who frequently interact with students embroiled in Internet-driven socialization.  With social networking sites (e.g., now the most popular website in the United States1, educators everywhere are often lagging behind the ultra-modern tempo that is set by the daily evolution of Internet hype by pre-teens and teenagers across the country.  From Internet-facilitated dares to popularity contests hosted on websites, the Internet has become an ingrained, driving force behind the social lives of curious, impressionable, and precocious juveniles.  More than just a computer connection, schools have realized that students are “wired in” to the Internet via cellular phones, camera phones, and similar handheld devices that fit in their pockets.  Many students have used this wireless technology to beam images, sounds, and videos of school personnel to defamatory websites and E-Mails.  Issues of harassment and inappropriate behavior, which seem to be accelerated by the information superhighway, are left unbridled while teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators scramble to keep up and react.    

This exciting awareness lecture from Vested Security will not only expose those Internet trends that educators can expect to encounter in the lives of their students, but it will also broach the notion of the schools’ tactics for dealing with the acceptable use of technology by a student body and the accompanying discipline for infractions.  Lastly, this seminar will impress upon staff and faculty the necessary vigilance to detect, as well as deter, Internet predators from accessing our children.  

Vested Security Solutions, LLC is proud to deliver this Awareness Lecture and vivid presentation at your venue.  Every seminar, program, and lecture provided by Vested Security can be custom tailored to impact your Target Audience in a meaningful and specific way.  As such, each program has a different fee structure, which fluctuates due to variables and host-specific configurations.  Nonetheless, Vested Security Solutions keeps professional fees reasonable, without sacrificing the quality or excellence of our service and presentation.  Finally, some funding sources are available in New Jersey for public, private, and parochial school systems.   

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1 - Alexa Internet Study, 2006