Vested Security Solutions, LLC presents:

Gang Awareness for Educators

More so than any other school safety lapse, gang activity affects a student’s sense of security both on and off a school campus. Thus, this presentation from Vested Security will empower faculty, administrators, and staff to recognize the signs of gang pride and gang membership, identify gang members in the classroom, as well as learn ways to promote safety and communicate security issues to each other and to law enforcement. This lecture will highlight the understanding of basic problem-oriented response principles, methods, and in depth problem analysis; in addition, this vivid presentation will help schools to consider new ways of doing business, understanding the value and the limits of gang intelligence, and finding effective solutions to gang problems on a school campus or inside school buildings.

Vested Security Solutions will also highlight relevant legislation related to common offenses that gang members commit on school property, which can help schools to digest their responsibilities and the requisite posture for handling gang activity in the classroom. Furthermore, those New Jersey Criminal Code Statutes that impact gang activity will be discussed to assist educators with formulating a response to gang membership in schools. Using a fortified, united stance against gangs in schools, New Jersey is forging a distinct message that calls for an end to this growing problem that has the obvious ability to jeopardize a school’s order, safety, and security.