Vested Security Solutions, LLC is revolutionizing security services.  Offering a myriad of relevant services for both the public and private sectors, Vested Security is committed to delivering the future of the security industry to individuals, businesses, and government institutions today. 

To that end, Vested Security has fought to become the bellwether for informative, vivid, and entertaining Awareness Lectures intended to both educate and empower parents, students, and educators, among others.  From Internet Safety to Gang Awareness, Vested's seasoned lecturers deliver eye-opening material, using a proven format that includes audio-visual aids, to inform parents and protect children.  Through these dynamic presentations led by experts from the field, Vested Security has created a catalogue of topics that address various areas of national concern.  Above all else, every Awareness Lecture from Vested Security focuses on the protection and safety of children, families, and citizens everywhere.


Our Mission

While Vested Security can provide clients with the traditional security services common to most industry-like companies, Vested stands apart from the rest by offering clients solutions for the most contemporary of today’s security lapses.  By pioneering the latest in security initiatives for a shrinking, Internet-driven society, Vested Security Solutions offers mitigation strategies and risk management for your physical property and intellectual property alike.  Whether it is dramatic awareness lectures covering a wide variety of pertinent topics for citizens, businesses, and government entities, or technology solutions for corporate security and data recovery, Vested will provide services and support that are emblematic of our vast experience and technical knowledge base.

Vested Security Solutions offers clients a fully qualified staff of employees and a large consortium of consultants who represent the industry’s most talented and experienced security professionals. In fact, the Vested Security team is comprised of both current and former law enforcement officials who come from local, county, state and federal agencies.  Vested Security’s staffers are accomplished criminal investigators from various investigative outfits, as well as valued public safety experts from a variety of specialized disciplines.  These men and women form an untold network of talented professionals, providing a plethora of particularized services and expertise available exclusively through Vested Security Solutions.  

Without question, Vested Security’s representatives have served the public in almost every conceivable capacity known to modern public safety.  Our staffers at Vested Security Solutions bear a mark of distinction that separates them—and their careers—from others in their respective fields.   Vested is prepared to provide clients with the highest level of attention, service, and support for any security need.

Please visit some of the informative links on this website to learn more about Vested Security Solutions and the countless services that are available.  Vested Security is confident that the capabilities of our staff and consultants far exceed that of any competitor.  Vested Security Solutions has distinguished itself from the rest, and will tender only the highest level of service to clients. 

Vested Security Solutions is a proud supporter of the efforts of Parents, Educators, and members of the Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical communities.